Interior of Death History

The history of our band starts in the year 1997. It was exactly that year that the precursor of Interior of Death named Suffer was brought to life. The band was started by Remi who was joined by Jarosław Serwa, Pawel Maj, Marcin Maj, Eve and Moldy. Suffers music was a combination of Black and Death Metal. The band has played some good gigs in this lineup unfortunately soon after this Jaroslaw had to leave the band. Fortunatly this did not balk in the recording session for the first demo named "Grunwald". Unfortunatly this material was not relished officially. In 1998 a young and promising guitarist Marcin Ciszewski has joined the band. The band started to play more and more shows and gathered more and more experience. Unfortunately the band suffered from more personal changes. Pawel and Marcin have left the band because their personal obligations. This was a terrible blow to the band. Fortunately a few months after the Lineup was backed up by Damian Fundament. Damian took the role of guitarist and vocals. This event has started a new chapter named INTERIOR OF DEATH. The work with Damien gave birth to our second demo named "Smierć Spopieli Diament". Our music was starting to head towards Old school Death Metal. We stayed active and played much shows and festivals. Unfortunately Damian could not continue to play shows with us because of studies. In the year 2002 Michał Brych has became the new vocalist for Interior of Death. Michal managed to add low vocals to our music and soon after we began work for the third Demo named "From Time Immemorial". The guest guitar parts on the album where recorded by our friend Kamil Zadara. In 2003 the band was joined by a new guitarist Bartosz Badziąg who took over the Lead guitar role. The band did play lots of shows in southern Poland along with RETRIBUTION, FAECES, SOTHOTH, LEMORTH, REIGNCARNATION, VAE VICTIS and much more. One of the latest band acquisition's was a new vocalist Andrzej Karpinski who took place of Michał.